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About Day Rich Designs & Consulting

At Day Rich Designs & Consulting, we are dedicated to transforming traditional training methods into empowering learning experiences. We have committed ourselves to revolutionizing employee training by fostering a culture of empowerment, growth, and continuous improvement. Our training programs embrace diversity and inclusivity, catering to different learning styles, backgrounds, and levels of expertise. 

Experience the difference that an engaged and confident workforce can bring to your organization with us as your partner in training excellence.

Ignite & Enlighten. 

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About Charmaine

Creative Thinking That Makes a Difference

Drawing from her background in instructional design, Charmaine Day-Richardson possesses a unique ability to blend creativity, empathy, and instructional strategies to develop engaging and transformative learning programs. Her expertise lies in designing and implementing DEI initiatives that challenge biases, cultivate cultural awareness, and promote inclusive practices across various educational settings.

Charmaine's commitment to community is evident in her holistic approach to instructional design. By incorporating techniques such as mindfulness, self-reflection, and goal setting, she helps learners not only acquire new knowledge but also develop essential skills and a growth mindset. Her instructional materials are carefully crafted to inspire learners to embrace continuous learning, cultivate resilience, and overcome barriers on their path to personal and professional growth.

Throughout her career, Charmaine has collaborated with diverse teams, organizations, and educational institutions to create innovative and effective training solutions. She has conducted workshops, developed e-learning modules, and facilitated group discussions, always striving to create a safe and inclusive space for learners to explore complex topics and foster meaningful dialogue.

About: About Me
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